Saturday, February 18, 2012

First Characters

Well D&D month is coming to a close and I'm only getting around to my second post. Maybe this blogging thing isn't for me. Well if there is anyone still reading, hello internet peoples.

I dug up an old sketch book to show the first few characters I made. These drawing would have  been from 1994 or 95. As any artist will tell you it's a bit rough looking back at old art, but all these pieces lead me to the artist I am now.

First up is Kauch, elven thief. As I mentioned in the previous post the first setting I played in was Dark Sun. Elf in the Dark Sun world were very tall and tended to have dreadlocks. They were desert people. The beginning of the game had all the player characters being transported on a slave ship. They then attempted to take over the ship until they were captured again. The most notable part was that my character attempted to hold on to a weapon by clenching it between his but cheeks. It was a cross bow bolt and of no use. Even when the team eventually found a crossbow, no one wanted the bolt.

Next was Tal Jepel, human cleric of lightening. I spent a lot more time working on the back story for this character. The DM and even developed the version of religion he followed. It was primarily based on speed and Tal had an exceptionally high dexterity. His main focus was to have thought and action be one. Sadly after all that work I only got to play him once. 
Back when I drew this picture and the one above I did all of my inking with a tech pen with a tiny point. Tech pens are in my opinion the worst thing to ink with. They give you a dead line with no weight or feeling. You also spend much of your time unclogging them. Thank goodness I eventually discovered brushes.
Finally we Taruk Jepel, human ranger. I thought it was a fun idea to have my characters be related. Taruk was the character that I got to play the longest. By then end his group had slayed a dragon and the decision was made to turn in into a paladin an specifically a dragon slayer. We only played one more game with him in that roll, before the group fell apart. We did play several other one shots, but nothing was as grand or epic as the adventures as Taruk, Reefe and Posius.
To end this post here is a recent drawing of Taruk, Reefe, and Posius. Hopefully you can see that I've improved over the years.

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