Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sharing with Others

One of they joys of playing RPGs is the collaboration. Sitting with other creating a story, or world or even just creating the characters can be such fun. As I said I didn't play until  college and in the years since I haven't gotten to play too much. A few years back I listened to the Penny Arcade, PVP, Wil Wheaton podcasts. Those lead me to the Major Spoilers Critical Hit podcasts.

Critical Hit is really good as they keep it clean and I was able to let my son listen. He then became intersted in play D&D too. I'm not much of a DM but I was able to do a few simple campaigns with him and his less interested sister. My wife even played once with us.

So below is my son's first character, Heskan, the dragonborn warrior.

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