Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It Was A Cold Dark Evening

The stranger at the bar had been there for what looked like far to long.

Okay so I went in a very different direction for this piece. When I saw Kir's challenge my first thought was "Iron Man? I got this!" and then I read the rest of the post. Those last photos made it look as though Mego Iron Man had just woken up in a Tijuana prison after a long bender. This took my brain on a weird journey and what started out silly became darker and darker. So when it came to inking I got out an old dried out brush so I could get that chunky look. I original did some coloring with watercolor but that didn't turn out, so I recolored on the computer.

I gotta say that I love Kir's figure looks like he's wearing some worn out turtleneck vest. I tried to capture that. Again a weird piece for a weird challenge.


  1. Love the idea of your blog! Been thinking about it too but haven´t started anything yet. Can´t wait for the next duel! See you.