Monday, January 24, 2011

Mego Ironman


Second challenge: MEGO IRONMAN!

With demise of the print editions of Wizard and Toyfare today, I remembered my fondness for this often silly version of Mr. Stark. Ironman was heavily featured in Twisted Mego Theatre as seen here:


I don't remember receiving Ironman, and as the doll was made in 1974 and older than I am, I know he wasn't purchased for me. That said, I don't even remember PLAYING with him. Rock on, Kir. But he entered my collection sometime in elementary school. I did keep him and he followed me to college and now stands proudly next to Hellboy and dozens of others on a shelf in my studio.

My version is a little worse for wear, missing the chest button and belt. But he's still awesome. And as his head is a bad reuse of Dr. Doom, I laugh that he has a nose.

Photo: me

The challenge is to NOT draw Ironman in all his awesome potential, but to draw THIS guy, nose and all. This should be interesting.

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