Monday, January 17, 2011

Mission Statement

Another art blog enters the world. Nothing to shake a stick at, but there are a few things which we hope will make this a fun place to visit. First this is a collaborative blog. Mr. Bostic and I will be challenging each other to draw/illustrate various subjects. Each challenge will be prefaced with an article on the subject.

To begin with the subjects will toys, but we will expand the framework to include comics and other things we like to collect. This basically gives me an excuse to talk about my favorite stuff while still attempting to improve as an artist.

Coming Soon: The First Challenge!


  1. I've meant to illustrate some of the toys from my collection, but am so busy that I've not yet done this. this is a Great Idea! Need a guest artist for a post, just lemmie know- could be fun :D
    colin {at} shawart {dot} com

  2. Thanks Super-Duper. We will definitely be opening up the blog for guests and possibly have some contests in the future. I'll be sure to give you a shout when that happens.