Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Odd Morning

so... yeah.

Here's the dorkmaster general having a good time in the front yard of one of his many mansions.

I don't know. These things come to me in flashes. And who doesn't like breakdancing?

Bill went dark, moody and excellent, I went silly. I decided to draw the pristine "Party" version of the toy instead of my tired Tijuana Prison model. I don't know if I even met my own challenge. While this is definitely still Mego Ironman, I feel like I cheated somehow.

Color has never been my strong suit, and this piece is no exception. My eyes don't work like most people's so I'll be interested in what colors you say I actually used. I drew him probably 15 times before this version. I had him trapped in a bottle, outrunning demons, hiding behind a bush, and throwing up. The dancing was more fun to finish, believe me.

He's probably on his way to TJ here, and SO EXCITED about it! Watch out's gonna be a rough morning.

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