Thursday, February 17, 2011

Death From Above

Freakies: Troubling little buggers if you ask me.

This image is what appeared in my head upon seeing them. Most definitely not the cute yet disturbing and very very 70's cartoons of the commercials, but horrific and grotesque monsters.

Hamhose is not one of the toys that Bill has but since he had tentacles I had to pick him. He's one fucked up octopus. (yes I know he only has six legs, but a hexapus sounds dumb, though a sexapus sounds completely disturbing and most likely huge and Japanese) The weird part is that in the commercials he is the most childlike and super shy. I learn this only after drawing him ready to devour you.

This was a good challenge, and it brought us away from action figures. Sad part is my favorite part of the drawing is the tree.

Here is my first draft of him, which is much friendlier, but still pretty gross.

and yes I added two tentacles in my rush to draw an octopus.


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  1. Awesome! So very very awesome! The perspective on the tree really makes the top one pop.