Monday, February 7, 2011


Yes, my beloved small-brained little T-rex.

Photo: Gustavo Vargas via Flickr

Now I never actually owned Grimlock, but oh how I PINED after him and his shiny golden chest. You have no idea. No, really. The sand skiff from Jedi was up there on the list, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. I wanted him, and no amount of convincing could get my parents to spring for him. When he came out in 1985 I was nine. How cool is this guy when you're nine? While the character on the show was more than a little dense he was, like the Hulk, was fun to imitate.

Other people love Grimlock too and demand for him is still high. For example, the Masterpiece version from 2009:


And to show you how awesome this is in comparison to the G1 version:

Photo: Jason Cross via Flickr

Jason loves Grimlock even more than I do. His collection:

The Challenge: Have fun. Pick your version and go NUTS.

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