Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get Your Freak On

Boss Moss and most of the Freakies

Now for something a little different. So far we focused on very standard action figure type toys. This time around we will be going with some cereal premiums and more specifically the Freakies. These strange assortment of monsters were the spokes people/mascots of Freakies cereal.

The cereal was only on shelves from '72 to '76, so I probably never got to taste the stuff being only one when the disappeared from the grocery stores. On the other hand my mother tended to be a sales shopper and buy things in bulk. There's probably a good chance we still had boxes of the stuff long after it was pulled. I can just see her grabbing up a ton on clearance.

Even though I don't remember the product they were shilling, I do remember the characters and the toys. The above pictured pieces of plastic are all from my childhood and not something I tracked down on eBay as part of the collector rebirth the Freakies seem to be having. There were also magnets a few of which still hang on my folks refrigerator. I also clearly remember singing a song about Boss Moss. It was the sort of kid song that consisted of the lyrics "Boss-a-Moss -EH!" repeated ad nauseum.

Your probably also asking yourself where these guys fit into my playtime. Easy, they were aliens hanging round in the Mos Eisley Cantina.  Often times they were pets of the Star Wars folk. Boss Moss and Cowmumble were also know to hang with Yoda. And finally when the Ghostbusters Movie came along they were a natural fit for various spooks and specters.

Aside from Boss Moss the only other name I remembered until I looked them up was Snorkledorf, who is the blue fellow with the snout. It's hard to forget a name like that. As I said the rest I had to look up and found all you could ever want to know about the characters and their story here: http://www.freakies.com/
Boss Moss
Goody Goody

Sadly there are two other characters which I don't have. I know they were around during my childhood, but they have long since vanished into the ether of memory.

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